The best ideas for business start-ups in 2022

The best investment is always in yourself. Be it leisure, knowledge, hard and soft skills, etc. In these times, when human talents and abilities are valued more than anything else – don’t forget what they help you achieve at work.

The most important thing for a business start-up is to have a clear idea of the type of business people are launching. Having an idea should go further – to a business plan and developing a full-fledged strategy. So, the ideas that will be outlined here – until they are implemented – will still be just ideas.

Car rental service

Today, with cars going up in price, you need to start making money on it. Of course, you need start-up capital, but if you run your own car park and rent out cars, it will inevitably lead to good profits, even in the long term.


There is a good example. If you’ve ever been to Dubai you probably heard about a great rental company called Renty. It provides car rental services for a small price and takes care of its customers. You can try out the services of this company. To do so, rent sports car in Dubai. You will immediately understand how they make money on it even if they put small prices.

Organising healthy eating

Healthy eating in more advanced countries is gaining enormous popularity in the 21st century. This will surely happen in less developed countries as well.

If you start a business now that is in any way related to healthy eating or healthy lifestyles, sooner or later you will gain a good audience. It’s a hot topic and will remain so for a long time.

You can start delivering ready-made products to homes, preparing vegan food, or providing dietary and nutritional services.

Working with Tik-Tok

It’s been just over two years since this social network was created, but what are we seeing in the world? Everyone knows what Tik-Tok is and how to handle it. Right now, many people are thinking about how to start making money from such a popular social network, and some have already started taking action. Keep up the good work!

Thinking creatively, not being shy, being open to people and communicating will help you in implementing such a business plan.

NFT sphere

An NFT is the digital equivalent of a document that certifies your rights to an object. This type of earning is now already in huge demand due to the fact that you can make money even without any start-up capital. It is a great idea for beginners with no money. For this, you need to communicate in Discord channels and be active. In addition, some NFT collections sometimes have drawings and you can get a picture for free.

If you do have some money, you can start buying different NFTs and sell them afterward. This can also lead to a fairly large income.


Despite the fact that it’s already a fairly mature industry – many people are still just starting to pay attention to it. Even though eSports already has a wide audience, there is no doubt that this sport will develop even further in the near future. New games will appear and tournaments will bring people even more money.

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