New Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak: Trailer Might Not Release This Year

GTA 6 Developer

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks have become quite common these days. While some of the leaks have pointed towards the game being set in modern times, a few other reports have suggested that it could feature multiple cities.

Every other day, one comes across some unconfirmed news pertaining to the upcoming game. Many of the insiders have shared information about Rockstar Games’ release plans for the game. None of these speculations, of course, have received any response from the gaming publisher.

As far as the release of GTA 6 is concerned, many are of the opinion that it will see the light of the day in 2024. Some fans, on the other hand, continue to believe that the game will come out earlier. While nobody is expecting the game to drop in the immediate future, players are hoping for some announcement video or a trailer to come through soon. Going by the kind of conversation some industry experts had on Twitter recently, it is safe to assume that a GTA 6 trailer will not come out in 2022.

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A recent Twitter post by a Rockstar Games expert named Ben stated that Rockstar Games ‘maybe’ has plans to release a GTA 6 trailer this year. Ben, who has a Twitter handle that reads videotech_, further opined that an improved version of RDR 2 will play an important role in giving a major push to the company’s sales.

The same Twitter thread featured other experts like Klementine and Kyle. Both these experts were of the opinion that a GTA 6 trailer is unlikely to release this year. Klementine further stated that as per Jason Schreirer’s prediction, a trailer for GTA 6 will only come out by 2023. Responding to this conversation, Jason Schreirersaid that it was a random guess on his part.

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