The Best iPhone and iPad Apps Free on the App Store Today

The Best iPhone and iPad Apps Free on the App Store Today

Apple’s app store continues to grow to a mammoth size on a daily basis and it is next to impossible to buy them all when you are short of cash.

That’s when the amazing free deals come into picture.

Some of the best iPhone and iPad apps are free for a limited time. If you manage to grab them all at once, you will soon have some amazing games and apps to make use on your awesome iOS device.

Neo Monsters, Usually $0.99 Free for Limited Time

While $1 may not sound expensive, free does sound better than that right? Neo Monsters is a 2D RPG game in which players can find over 1000 monsters and grow them like Pokemon games. The game also supports multiplayer player vs player combat in real time.

Fugu Maze–Another $1 Game Gone Free

The Fugu Maze is game that evolves continuously as you play it. The mazes are generated randomly and you are equipped only with a Flashlight to find your way in it. Make sure to wear a pair of headphones to enjoy the immersive-ness it has to offer. The controls are simple, use the left touch screen button to move forward and right button to look around the maze.

Thunderspace iphone app

Thunderspace$2.99 Free for Now

Thunderspace is an awesome sound simulation app which works great in the morning by providing loud ambient noises and let you focus on the work at hand. At night, it will play pleasant sounds to make you fall asleep. The developers suggest that users should never use this when they are operation machine or vehicle as it could isolate them from the real world to relax their mind.

Broken Space – $1.99

Broken Space is a space sci-fi shooter where you get a massive 130 levels to play with. The unique levels make use of physics to throw meteors and other enemies towards your space ship. Making a way to escape the hurdles and succeed each level will keep it interesting till the end.

Wonder Room iphone app

Gestures Launcher

Gestures Launcher is an exclusive app launcher that gets things done with a simple gesture. It makes it easy to make a call with a swipe, open or close an app while create custom gestures for most actions done on a smartphone. Saves time and is easy to use.

Wonder Room – $0.99 Free for limited time

Simple and easy to use interface allows you to blur photos, add filters or effects all in one place.

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