The HTC 10 Evo: Does it Offer More than Just 3D Photography

HTC 10 Evo3D look

The HTC 10 Evo3D promises to offer more than its predecessor, the HTC 10 Evo3D, which performed very well in the USA.

The Evo 4G was a huge success because it was the first 4G phone in the United States, so understandably, people rushed to buy it from Sprint, the carrier that first distributed the phone. The Evo 3D is being marketed mainly by the proposition that it will offer users 3D photography features. So what exactly is 3D photography and how does it make the Evo 3D stand out?

HTC 10 Evo3D

The camera truly the most amazing feature

The one thing that you realize about the HTC 10 Evo3D when you start using it is the camera. This is a device that will give you an “Aha!” moment, when you see how it outperforms other 3D phones like the Optimus 3D.

Once the camera app is activated, you can switch from 2D to 3D by flicking the switch found on one side of the phone. When flicking from 2D to 3D, there will be a slight flicker on the screen, signaling that the stereoscopic camera is now taking hold. When you are using the 3D mode, you need to have the camera set at a certain distance from your eyes. If it is too close, then you will have a hard time focusing and when it is too far, the 3D effect is not noticeable. The ideal distance is about 12 inches from your eyes.

When placed at the right position, you can use the 3D mode for a long while, but after more than 30 minutes of continuous use, you may start experiencing a headache.

Taking 3D photos

3D photography is not as simple as the 2D mode. You must set up the camera in a certain way. When photographic an object, it is best to focus the camera in such a way that the nearest point of the object takes the foreground and the rest of the object is made to look like it far in the background. If you are unable to get this position right, then you should simply go with the 2D camera.

This camera comes with two lenses at the back of the phones, and both are activated when you switch to 3D mode. The funny thing is that it will capture still images in 2D mode at 5MP, while footage in 3D mode is captured at 2MP. This disparity may be intentional to save on the resources used for processing your footage and also your disk space. The nearest competitor, the Optimus 3D does not display this kind of disparity. The 3D videos and photos are very realistic in the end.

Another beauty about the camera of this phone is that you do not get any fuzzy images or footage caused by shaking or other movement. It has outstanding autofocus ability.

Properties of 3D photos and footage using the HTC 10 Evo3D

  • You get the best of angles
  • All 3D shots are always clear even if you move around. The 2D shots are excellent too
  • When taking 3D footage and images, you have to think of the field of depth
  • All images and footage taken indoors are crystal clear
  • When you take footage or images in poor light conditions, they will lose most of their color and appear to be black-and-white

When taking photos and videos using the HTC 10 Evo3D in 2D mode, you will get the same results as any HTC phone. The device offers you amazing filters that you can use to enhance your images. This is a camera that will dazzle users in 3D mode.

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