The Real Reason Why Nintendo Allowed Mario, Zelda to Run on Nvidia Shield

Nintendo Allowed Mario, Zelda to Run on Nvidia Shield

Nintendo is going through a major phase shift now as the company is more open than ever allowing third party titles to launch on the Nintendo Switch console.

Even though, their hardware components are extremely poor in terms of raw graphics performance and could hardly run a title like Doom, Nintendo didn’t think twice and wants all the best games on their system. If we are to see from an outside perspective, apart from mediocre first party launch titles, the Zelda game and Super Mario Odyssey, there isn’t much compelling stuff on the console.

Reason Why Nintendo Allowed Mario, Zelda to Run on Nvidia Shield

Things have changed because you can now play Doom, Skyrim, L.A. Noire and combine it with the fact that Switch is the only handheld that is powerful enough to run these AAA titles, the company is already winning in terms of sales and the ability to keep audiences glued to their systems.

Embracing Nvidia Shield in China

Before you quickly rejoice as to why Nintendo would allow Super Mario and Zelda games to run on Nvidia Shield, it is important to understand that this feature may never work outside the country because the sheer number of gaming population in the country is too high that it justifies allowing their first party titles to go out of control there.

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Whereas, in the United States people are buying the Switch console like crazy and the sales is bound to increase this holiday season with more new titles to follow. China is a closed country as everyone knows by now as they don’t have access to Facebook, Youtube or even many popular Google services.

The Real Reason Why Nintendo Allowed Mario

Allowing their first party titles on Nvidia Shield will hurt sales in no way which is why Nintendo is more than willing for this agreement. Besides, they can always make money selling software and also help Nvidia along the path to promote it as the best streaming as well as the gaming platform in the country.

Majority of titles like Donkey Kong, Super Mario were never available legally in China until now. China’s gaming market generated $24.6 billion which is nearly the same as the $24 billion generated by the United States in the same year. However, it is dominated by mobile titles and multiplayer games like PUBG. Nintendo wants to turn the attention of the audience and make some revenue in his highly lucrative market which is the real reason behind this decision as they may never allow first party titles out of their consoles in other regions.

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