The Sims 4 is Coming to Origin Access, New Fitness Pack Listed on Amazon

Sims 4 Fitness Pack on Amazon

For PC gamers, the Origin Access is one of the best ways to experience a whole lot of titles.

Similar to the feature available on the Xbox One console, Electronic Arts allow players to enjoy a large collection of games by paying a fixed monthly fee.

The Origin Access program is available for PC gamers for as less as $10 and has the latest, greatest games that you would want. While older titles like Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Mass Effect 3, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Need for Speed are already available, the developers are gearing up to launch a lot of new games. Some of them will be for a limited time while others will be available permanently as long as you are subscribed to the service.

Sims 4 Origin Access

The Sims 4 is coming soon to Origin Access on Windows PCs. The base game, the digital deluxe edition will be one that you will soon be able to play without having to pay any additional costs. Besides, when you get the game you will have access to all the base avatars, gameplay modes and home design options available. There is always the option to buy additional stuff packs, DLCs and other expansions so as to add a new level of emersion to the real life simulator.

Even though, it’s just the base game, you can build your own career, get your Sims into a relationship with others in the neighborhood and so on.But, the game comes to life only when you buy the additional packs which are definitely worth your investment. They add new missions, career options, clothing, party packs and so on. The endless possibilities are unlocked when you get those packs.

Sims 4 Fitness

Apart from adding the Sims 4 to the Origin Access on PC, the developers have confirmed that the new Fitness pack for the game is now available. It has been listed on Amazon and as the name suggests, will allow you to make your character more fit, look good and enjoy that charismatic appeal they gain in their life. The pack is priced at $9.99 and will allow you to indulge in a wide range of tasks.

One of the interesting events of them all is training your sims to climb the rock climbing treadmill, help them reach their fitness goals and earn more points as you achieve each objective. You will be able to build a spacious fitness studio, enjoy your own workout videos and so on with the Sims 4 Fitness Pack.

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