Xbox One Gift a Friend Feature is Not Far Away, Will PS4 Follow Suit?

Xbox One Gift a Friend Feature

Players on both PS4 and Xbox One console have been asking developers to introduce gift a friend feature for years. For PC gamers, the idea is too simple as it is available on Steam for a very long time.

The gifting feature is too simple but is exceptionally well done and allows people to gift one another. When it comes to co-op or multiplayer games, there is always the option to buy a couple of games during a sale and gift it to your friends. It is a long running custom on Steam, the PC Gaming platform that the master race uses for decades now and love buying games even though they don’t play it all the time. Besides, it will always ask whether a person is buying a game for oneself or for a friend.

Xbox One

A similar feature has been requested by Xbox One gamers for a long time. The same scenario exists with PS4 gamers as well. When a random gamer named Stefan questioned when they can expect the gift a friend feature on the Microsoft console, the Xbox guy Mike Ybarra simply replied that not far! From the positive tone, it has been confirmed that it won’t be too long before players can buy any game in its normal price or during a sale which could be directly sent to a friend’s account.

The ability to send Xbox One game gifts just like Steam gifts is something Microsoft should have had in mind for long. After all, they are focusing a lot on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles at the same time unifying the platforms. It also allows developers to create and optimize games that works perfectly good on the Gaming PCs as they do on the console.


Once the feature lands on the console, it is obvious that Sony has to make its move and bring gifting ability on the Playstation 4 console as well so as to not disappoint their fans. Over 5,000 signatures have been garnered online requesting both Microsoft and Sony to bring the gift a friend feature to their respective consoles. Fans have been looking forward to it for long and it would be a welcome addition. Microsoft is gearing up to launch the more powerful Xbox One X 4K console in the month of November and all these features along with more exciting new announcements is expected to be made before the end of the year.

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