Three Ocean Phones set to Arrive in the HTC Line-up

HTC Ocean

It was leaked recently that HTC were preparing a new lineup of smartphones under the Ocean concept.

New leaks, though, have just revealed that HTC will not just be coming up with one smartphone under the Ocean line-up and there would be three of the same. Ocean Smart, Ocean Note, and Ocean Master will be the three devices expected to be announced by HTC in the coming months. It is not clear whether these three phones will be having a significant step away from the current design philosophy, while most of the features have also been kept under the wraps.

HTC Ocean Sense Touch

The Ocean Master expected to be a top end device which could potentially replace HTC 10. The Ocean Smart could be a device that will be similar to the Ocean Master in terms of specifications slower and priced significantly less. The nomenclature, though, suggests that the Ocean Note will be the top end device that would take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and other popular phablets like the LG V20.

Looking at the concepts revealed by the company, it may not be surprising to see the device with in design philosophy similar to that of the HTC 10. The aluminum body that has been a gorgeous element of the HTC 10 is likely to feature on the Ocean series along with the 2.5 D glass. The lack of any physical buttons in the rendering seems to suggest at a new approach in terms of usability by HTC. The phone may be the first to offer Sense Touch – an UI completely built from the ground up to offer even better experience to the user.

HTC Ocean

Even though the initial rendering does not show any SIM or micro-SD card slots, it is expected that the final version of the product will have the same. One of the most important features that could make its appearance on the Ocean series is the dual camera setup. First featured on HTC phones, there is every probability that the feature could be brought back with this range. The Ocean Smart, Ocean Note, and Ocean Master will also represent a new direction for HTC considering the bad period that the company has had to go through even with a great line-up of phones.

The Ocean Smart, Ocean Note, and Ocean Master phones are likely to release only in 2017 as part of a major revamp to the HTC line-up.

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