Titanfall 2 Brings New Titan Classes and Single Player Campaign, Respawn Announced

Titanfall 2 titan class

Xbox One console gave Respawn Entertainment the much needed boost to launch their new game Titanfall and now it is time for Titanfall 2 to get launched.

Instead of being a PC and Xbox One exclusive, the new title is going to get launched on the Playstation 4 console as well. The idea was clearly innovative and fun where players took control of large titans to engage in small scale multiplayer battles. However, the lack of single player campaign was a huge turn off for most. The developers realized it and has confirmed that they are going to bring a single player segment to the game.

Most important a new range of maps, titan classes and combat system is also being introduced to the game. The first iteration in the series was short lived because the fun and action packed shooter lacked longevity. It became monotonous within a short period that pushed players off the servers. This time, new Titan classes are going to ensure players aren’t bored so easily. The most wanted feature was to be able to customize titans as one liked it.

titanfall 2

Respawn entertainment has added six different Titan classes to choose from. Similar to the options available in Battlefield games, each class will have its own strength and weakness. Choosing the right class and mix in each team plays an integral role in leading the entire team to victory. It’s similar to MOBA games where team choices have an impact at the end result. Soldiers are also split into multiple classes and it is important to have a mix of everyone is the team for efficient gameplay.

One of the titans is equipped with a flame thrower and the same titan has a laser canon ion shooter. It is more like a support class who can clear the battlefield and keep enemies at bay while the team could progress through their objective. Titanfall 2 is much more interesting because of its single player campaign too. It might be the next big thing that could finally give Call of Duty a break and keep us interested in a modern shooter filled with weapons, titans!

The game launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this October 28. The wait is short and when it does there will be multiple titles including the acclaimed Battlefield 1. Being a World War I shooter, it has definitely grabbed the crowd’s attention unlike any other game.

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