Xbox Scorpio is a Beast Compared to Xbox One, Claims Marketing Head

Xbox Scorpio

Consoles have officially started competing with the benchmark set by computers. A couple of years ago Sony and Microsoft believed their consoles are powerful. But, here comes the new Xbox Scorpio which the marketing head opines is a beast of a machine.

When it comes to raw performance, frame rates and graphical prowess, computers have always been ahead of consoles at least in the past decade. However, the problem is that it doesn’t have a dedicated gaming market where developers could push exclusives or make money off subscription services. Consoles thrived in this area. Despite all the exclusivity, Xbox One and Playstation 4 were dead on arrival.

Within three years since their official launch, the consoles started stuttering and could hardly play any modern games with good graphics. Developers had to downgrade too much to make them playable on both consoles. Then came rumors that claimed Sony is working on PS4.5 also known as PS4 Neo. Such an announcement was never made at the E3 2016 expo as expected but Microsoft surprised the crowd with its Xbox Scorpio.

Project Xbox Scorpio

Commenting on the new launch, the company’s marketing head Aaron Greenberg said, “We have never seen the team morale so high in recent years. They are working so hard and together in order to achieve a phenomenal thing. It is a beast in comparison to the Xbox One or any other console for that matter in terms of raw power. We are building a beast without a doubt.”

Brimming with joy and pride over achieving something impeccable, he continued saying that he was one among the team when the original Xbox was built. It was a powerful box at that time and then came the Xbox Live. More innovation was made through the years and they are going back to the roots commented Greenberg.

Scheduled for launch in 2017, the Xbox Scorpio is powered by an 8 core processor, has 320 GB of bandwidth capacity and six teraflops performance. It is expected to allow unparalleled 4K gaming experience as some people do with modern day PCs. Nvidia and AMD are already pushing the market forward with their cheap VR friendly graphic cards. The new generation cards are more than capable of 4K gaming which is what the console aims to achieve on its own platform.

Microsoft is also bringing multiple exclusives from Xbox One to PCs. A new gaming era is upon us and let’s hope it’s as interesting as it has always been.

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