Titanfall 2 Gets Rid of DLC, Will EA Do it for Battlefield Series?

Titanfall 2 Gets Rid of DLC

Titanfall 2 is developed by Respawn Entertainment.

The game’s publisher Electronic Arts who owns the popular Battlefield franchise is known for milking their gamers to the core with multiple DLCs that cost as much as the base game.

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment is going for an entirely new approach with Titanfall 2 and it’s delightfully surprising. Finally, there is this AAA multiplayer title which also has a single player campaign but no downloadable content or paid expansion packs. EA not only forces Battlefield players to pay $60 for the base game with 10 multiplayer maps but people are supposed to pay $60 more to buy the five expansion packs which has about 20 more maps.

In a simple perspective, when you buy a game, you don’t get the full pack. Instead, the base game is split into multiple parts and sold for additional costs. The situation gets much worse with The Sims franchise. Be it the Sims 3 or the Sims 4, the game is extremely limited in content and the gaming crowd should pay $20 or more almost every two months to buy a couple of fancy items. Everything has a price with EA and it is surprising to see Respawn Entertainment break those barriers.

Titanfall was a hit title but it didn’t have a single player campaign that put off a lot of players. The game also had DLC maps which were recently distributed for free to all players. Those who paid double the cost for the season pass obviously got annoyed when the developers simply gave those content away for others.

Such an issue will not happen with Titanfall 2. The company confirmed in their blog that players will receive a full single player campaign, full multiplayer with all the maps, modes and any future content that the team might choose to develop. They plan to sell in-game cosmetic items to cover the costs but no solid details about in-game purchases is available now.

Titanfall 2 Gets Rid of DLC

It is definitely not going to be a deal breaker because as long as the title and the maps are available, anyone can purchase the game and enjoy its full extent without having to pay extra for a season pass. In a scenario when Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare dominates the multiplayer market, it is promising to see a new game like Titanfall 2 find its own space and may soon be a viable alternative for FPS lovers.

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