Titanfall 2 Open Beta Is Not Coming To PCs Due To Configuration Issues

Titanfall 2 beta

Developers of Titanfall 2 have confirmed that they are going to skip PC platform.

The open beta for the game is just around the corner but if you play on computers, you have to purchase the game in order to experience the brand new combat.

Sharing the story behind this decision, Respawn entertainment boss Vince Zampella wrote that they are forced to make this decision due to configuration issues. While Titanfall 2 is designed to work seamlessly on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, it is not ready to match the wide range of graphic cards, CPUs and configurations people use. The developers need more time to tweak the title so that it runs smooth on PCs.

The minimum configuration is one additional issue they have to deal with. “We haven’t had the chance to stress test the game in the minimum spec mode for PCs. Only when we are able to suggest what the game actually needs, we can say what players need in order to enjoy Titanfall 2. Without being able to specify the hardware requirements, it is really difficult to bring the open beta for the game before the big launch,” said Zampella.

Titanfall 2 Open Beta Is Not Coming To PCs Due To Configuration Issues

The last claim is something that might annoy a lot of potential buyers on PCs. The Respawn boss said that PC gamers are known to tweak with the files and bring everything hidden to the forefront. They might probably do the same when Titanfall 2 open beta is live. It might spoil some of the surprise elements they have in the single player campaign.

They are keen on preserving the moment so that when the game launches, the content, weapons and everything else available in the single play campaign should be a huge surprise for everyone onboard. Are they hinting that PC platform is not fit for these games as unearthing files is easy on it than on a PS4 and Xbox One?

And, if they are not going to launch open beta for a first person shooter like Titanfall 2 on PCs but rather going to focus on controller based gaming, what’s the whole point? The result might irk a lot of gamers because modding is something the PC community is known for. Besides, shooters are never going to be so much fun with auto focus feature on controllers. This might push Battlefield 1 and other FPS games to surpass the new Titanfall in terms of sales simply because the developers annoyed them.

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