Titanfall 2 Single Player Fuses Halo’s Action with Mass Effect

Titanfall 2 Single Player

Respawn Entertainment got off to a rocky start as the multiplayer had some issues and the single player which was revealed in bits and parts didn’t show much promise.

The developer team didn’t give up easily and they took all the suggestions made by gamers to make Titanfall 2 better. The latest multiplayer beta proved that the game is heading in the right direction. More importantly, the single player mode reveal trailer launched a day ago was simply fantastic and unbelievably good.

Titanfall 2

While games like Call of Duty and Halo are well versed in the art of storytelling, a new developer like Respawn entertainmenthas managed to catch the right chord to deliver an action packed experience. The entire single player campaign trailer engages you right from the start till the end. It is focused on a pilot named Jack Cooper who is stranded in an island. He is forced to take control of an abandoned titan and go towards an objective but he’s unsure of what to do in the end.

Players are kept in a state of confusion in the first few missions, we assume. The team gives them simple missions to understand the world and the titan they use. The game’s Mass Effect inspiration kicks in during the conversation between the titan and the pilot. You have multiple responses to choose from. However, it will have no effect on the overall gameplay but adds an element of RPG to the title.

Call of Duty and Halo are known for their action packed combat which has been duly brought to life in Titanfall 2. There is enough shooting taking place and when there are other titans in the field, you have to fight really hard to push them back. Taking down pilots should be a much easier job but it’s all based on the map and the mission you are in.

Titanfall 2 Single Player

Some sections of the game feels like Mirror’s Edge because of the parkour capabilities of the pilot and select titans. There is a titan class which we opine will not be assigned based on your individual requirements but rather based on the objective.

Missions take place in various scenarios keeping you at the edge of your toes, looking for enemies to kill around every corner. AI enemies are quite intelligent and they don’t simply walk into your line of fire. Just crank the difficulty settings up and Titanfall 2 could be the next gen FPS you have been craving for.

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