Top Features that Make WhatsApp a First Choice Messaging Service

WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp has been through a series of transformational changes since Facebook’s acquisition in 2014 for a reported fee of $19 billion.

The chat application has grown to become a widely used instant messaging platform. Despite arriving late in the market, WhatsApp has managed to brush off competition from older messaging platforms like Skype.

A lot of features have been added to the giant instant messaging service; voice calling, document sharing, and end-to-end encryption among other fascinating functionalities. But, what exactly makes WhatsApp stand out among other chat applications? Here is a list of select features that make the app the go-to app for more than a billion people across the globe.

Text Formatting

WhatsApp text formatting feature enables users to emphasize messages. Though Skype users have been using the feature for a while it’s a big inclusion. WhatsApp users can now bold, italicize and strikethrough a text. The styles can be achieved by adding the following characters;

  • Italicize – Add an underscore to either side of the text
  • Bold – Put Asterisks before and after the text or phrase
  • Strikethrough– – Sandwich the text between tildes.
  • You can also combine any of the characteristics by adding the appropriate symbols on both sides of the specific word or words.

Mutable group chats

Group chatting is a handy feature for people with similar interests; classmates, friends, workmates or fans who usually share a lot of stuff in common, but it can be quite frustrating when a lot of people are talking at the same time. However, WhatsApp provides you with an option to stop the notifications for some time: 8 hours, a week or even for a whole year. To disable notifications for chats in a group, you need to go to the group and select Mute.

Disable Multimedia files from auto-saving

WhatsApp allows you to send images, photos, and videos, but the downside of the function is that media files automatically saves in your internal storage. However, there is a workaround to keeping videos and images from being downloaded on your device. To achieve this, visit Settings>Chats, then turn off Save Incoming Media.

Send message to multiple contacts

This is enabled by Broadcast messaging feature, which allows users to send a common message to many contacts at once. The broadcast list is located at the top left side of Chats screen and it’s quite useful when you have an event and would like to send a message to a particular group without alerting others. To do this, go to Chats>Broadcast Lists>New List>Add contacts, compose the message then tap Send.


Document Sharing

WhatsApp has the ability that enable users to share any document in individual and group chats. iPhone users can also share documents on their Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive accounts. To get the Share Document option, hit the attachment option.

Home screen Shortcut

This feature enables WhatsApp users to add home screen shortcuts for their favorite chats, unfortunately, it can only be accessed by users on Android phones. To enable this, tap and hold the individual chat then select Add Conversation Shortcut.

Reply message from Lock Screen

This is another Android feature that allows users to reply to a text without opening the application. Go to Settings>Notifications then select Always Show popup. WhatsApp users on iPhones can also use the quick reply feature, but they need to have a third party app installed on their devices.

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