Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 May Adopt Apple-Style Home Button for Better Fingerprint Scanning

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is only a matter of time before we finally get to see the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone has been rumored to be coming on August 2, with the official sale commencing a few weeks later.

Numerous rumors have been doing rounds regarding the design, specs as well as features of the Galaxy Note 7. A lot has also been said with respect to the phone’s name. While the phone’s name was recently confirmed by serial leaker Evan Blass, Samsung has yet to say a word on the same matter. Still, it is hard not to believe what comes from Blass with respect to upcoming smartphones – he has been on point on almost all the occasions.

While reports have been rife that the South Korean tech giant will include an iris scanner in the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, none of the reports has denied the fact that a fingerprint sensor might also be part of the phone. In another bizarre report, Samsung has apparently filed for two patents that point towards possible changes as far as the company’s approach to fingerprint scanners is concerned.

The first patent leaked shows details of an iPhone-styled Home button that the company intends to use the fingerprint scanner on. The round Home button has always been on the iPhone ever since then Touch ID came into life. This will probably draw huge criticism from the Apple camp given that Samsung has on more than one occasions accused of copying Apple.

Samsung has often used the Galaxy Note series as a testing ground for its upcoming technologies and features. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Galaxy Note 7 showed up with a rounded Home button in a bid to enhance the phone’s ability to scan fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Another patent that Samsung has apparently filed for regards what has already been witnessed on quite a number of Android handsets. Rather than have it in a rounded Home button, Samsung might opt to push the same feature on the back of the Galaxy Note 7. This will create more space for installing a larger module that will definitely improve on the scanning.

Of course, it cannot be guaranteed that Samsung will include any of these two patented fingerprint modules on the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. The company always patents lots of new inventions, some of which never get to see the light.

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