Top Three Features That Could Have Made the New Apple iPhone 7 Better

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Inc. recently launched the Apple iPhone 7 to a mixture of happiness and disappointment.

The new Apple iPhone 7 has all the improvements that make it better than the iPhone 6S generation, but it misses out on some key features that would have truly made it the competitive for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (without the battery issues).

The Galaxy Note 7 announced recently packs in new age features like iris scanner and curved display. Here are some of the aspects that could have made the Apple iPhone 7 even better:

 Apple iPhone 7

  1. Higher Resolution Display

Apple has consistently improving the display on the iPhones with every successive generation, but it has missed a major opportunity to offer some something competitive in the smartphone segment. The Apple iPhone 7 features the same 4.7 inch display and 750 x 1334 pixel resolution. This translates into a pixel density of 320 PPI, or the same as before. It is a similar story with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, which has a pixel density of 401 PPI. These are excellent numbers, but they are put to shame by the amazing QHD resolution on higher end phones like the Galaxy Note 7.

Apple claims that the display is brighter than ever before, but there are already a number of brighter in the market. Apple could have finally offered the full HD resolution on the iPhone 7 while going as far as the QHD resolution on the iPhone 7 Plus. This is a major opportunity missed.

  1. New Screen Technology

The 3D touch was an amazing element of the iPhone 6S and this feature has been tweaked further on the Apple iPhone 7. Apart from this aspect, the screen does not bring in anything revolutionary to the party. As the likes of Samsung and other manufacturers make considerable developments like AMOLED technology or curved displays, Apple has shown a reluctance to launch these aspects on the iPhone 7. There are intense rumors that the Apple iPhone 8 could offer next-generation OLED panels.

iPhone 7

  1. New Charging Technologies

As new charging technologies emerge in the world of smartphones, Apple has stuck the same lightning connectors for the Apple iPhone 7. The device misses out on aspects like wireless charging or even a basic version of fast charging. The battery size of the device is yet to be revealed, but Apple claims that the new iPhone 7 is marginally better in terms of battery life.

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