Twitter Adds Support for Stickers in a Bid to Attract More Users


Twitter has been recording poor returns for quite some time now, something that led to the appointment of Jack Dorsey as new CEO of the company last October.

Ever since then, the company has been throwing in a few new features while at the same time making tweaks to others. It has even gone further to eliminate some “useless” features from the platform, but all these efforts seem to be kind of futile. Still, Dorsey and his team aren’t giving up easily as the latest update represents the company’s desire to add more users to the platform as well as retain the current users.

Through the use of the world popular stickers, Twitter is adamant that it will be able to keep its user base intact while at the same time improving on its numbers – numbers that have seemingly stagnated for the past few years. If anything, Twitter was among the few chat apps that had no support for these animated characters. The likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and the king of stickers, LINE, have been successful with the application of this feature. The later player, LINE, even owns a dedicated sticker shop.

Apple has already made it clear that it will be adding stickers to iOS 10 when the OS is finally made public this fall. The story is also the same as far as Google Allo is concerned, so why not Twitter?

The fact that Twitter is joining the stickers bandwagon doesn’t mean it will offer them in the same style as the rest of the chat platforms. Unlike in other apps as well as the standard emojis, the new Twitter stickers will not auto-show whenever one is making a 140-character tweet or in private chats. Instead, they will only be applicable when sharing photos on both iOS and Android platforms. Users will be able to apply these stickers when editing a photo before sharing it with their Twitter followers.


At the moment, the collection of stickers available on Twitter is limited to the standard Unicode emojis. However, the social media company added that more stickers will be coming to the platform at a later time. Apparently, the stickers will come with a unique social component where users viewing photos with a given sticker can simply tap on the said sticker to see other photos that have been shared on Twitter with the same sticker on board. If anything, these stickers will serve the same purpose as hashtags, only that they are visual.

Be warned that this feature has only been availed to iOS and Android users. Those who use Twitter on web browsers will only be able to view images with stickers, but they will not be able to add stickers to any photo tweet. Whether or not this feature will finally come to this platform as well as other areas such as 140-character tweets and DMs is still unknown.

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