Twitter Direct Messages Now Have Read Receipts. Is It a Boon Or a Bane?


Twitter has introduced a new unasked feature to its social media service for communication by adding read receipts for its Direct Messages.

The addition of this new feature does not seem to have gone well with many users. The main aim of introducing this feature is to make the social media app more competitive with the other instant messaging and mobile messaging clients, that even includes the new iMessage arriving with the new iOS 10.


Here’s What Is New with the Direct Messages for Twitter

The company reportedly has introduced quite a number of new features for its Direct Messaging component. They include the Read Receipts, Web link previews and typing indicators.

The Read Receipts feature and typing indicators are now common to almost every instant messaging app, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. For messages that have been sent to a group, it will be indicated as to which people in the group have viewed the message. When everyone in the group has viewed the shared item, there will be a note reading “Seen by Everyone”.

The Read Receipts feature will probably not have a welcome factor from the users for it. Many people might turn this off while messaging so that they don’t have to be under pressure to respond on time. Fortunately, Twitter has offered an option for disabling this feature if not required.

Meanwhile, introducing the web link preview feature is something that is possibly aimed at making the Twitter experience feel similar to that of any default messaging service like iMessage. Surprisingly, Twitter has not yet supported this feature in its DMs, despite the known fact that it allows exuberant media on its main timeline.

The Direct Message product from Twitter did not get much attention in the past few years until the company finally took the decision in last summer to ditch the 140 character limit from its private messaging service. While Twitter still focuses on the economy in the main stream, it makes a lot more sense that sending messages in the app now feels like real messaging. And apparently, Twitter seems to agree with it now.


The new feature will be available for the Twitter users who use the social media service over the web and even for the iOS and Android based mobile device versions. However, there was no official word if there will be an update to the Twitter app for Windows 10 version.

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