Some Interesting WhatsApp Updates for iPhone that You Must Know


WhatsApp has been looming large as the widely sought after platform for messaging on smartphones irrespective of the platform they operate on.

Although more often than not, Android handsets are the first to receive updates made to the app, iOS users are seldom far behind. There are quite a few of these updates for iPhones that are worth mentioning and stand out from the many impressive features. This article brings out some of the best features that we think are worth trying out on the WhatsApp app installed you on your smartphone.

Embed Text in Your Reply

This feature works very much the same way as when you send a reply to your e-mail. Needless to say, this feature proves to be most useful in a group chat when you want to respond to a specific message. All you have to do is to do a long press on the desired message for which you want to acknowledge and select the Reply option. After you do this, just type out message and send as usual. Once sent, you will find the message you responded to as an embedded text above the reply you just sent.


Read Messages Without Sending Read Receipts

Very often, it happens that you have time to just read a message but not send the reply right away. This is usually the case when you are held up at work. And when you read your messages, the sender gets a notification that you have done so and is quite likely to wonder why you have not replied. This can in turn cause a misunderstanding if you have not responded even after a couple of hours of reading the message. To avoid this, the best way is to avoid sending a read receipt while you can still read the message. This is quite simple with your iPhone. The 3D Touch functionality helps you get a glimpse of the incoming messages without being apprehensive of the read notification getting sent.

Block the Notification Preview

Are you skeptical about your preview pane popping up WhatsApp notifications and other people reading your messages? Rest assured, WhatsApp has a solution for this for its iOS users. A simple setting will help you get the privacy you desire. All you have to do is change a small setting in the Notifications section of the WhatsApp settings menu. You will find a Show Preview option that is turned to ON by default. Turn this off and you are done. No one will be able to access your notifications or messages.

Choosing Photos and Videos

Earlier, you could select photos and videos only from your gallery when you wanted to attach a file through WhatsApp. Through one of the latest updates, WhatsApp offers a new feature called Choose From Another App. When you choose this option, you can send photos and videos located through other apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. You will find this option when you open the Photo/Video library to attach a file.

Larger Single Emoji Messages

When you send a single standalone emoji as a message, it appears bigger than when seen among the list of other emojis along which it is present. This makes it look livelier and better. After all, who does not know the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’.

Video Zoom while Recording

Try sliding your finger up and down at any point of the video that you are recordi