U.S. Senate Ditches BlackBerry in Favor of Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone SE


Despite putting in all possible efforts to save its dwindling status in the mobile industry, BlackBerry seems to be on course for a massive downfall as the U.S. Senate finally brings to an end a long-time relationship with the Canadian tech giant.

The fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone SE are now the preferred options, it is clear that BlackBerry has failed to match up to the likes of Android and iOS. As a result, the days of the company’s phones being the ubiquitous brand as far as the political arena is concerned, have come to a sudden end.

In a notice served to the Senate staff, which includes the likes of administrative managers, system admins as well as chief clerks, the support for BlackBerry phones will no longer be available to the Senate once the current stock is over. However, for those who still feel like doing away with their BlackBerry phones right now, the Senate has given them the option to choose one of Galaxy S6 or iPhone SE.

Apparently, the change is as a result of the fact that BB recently confirmed that it will no longer be coming in with new devices based on its own BlackBerry OS 10. It seems the Canadian company has already served the likes of AT&T and Verizon with the same notice, something that has led to the decision to ditch the OEM by the Senate.


Despite the step, staffers who are still fond of BlackBerry smartphones can still get their hands on a Classic, Z30, Z10, Passport and Q10 models. However, they are not available in large quantities as with the previous cases, in fact, the repository is dominated by the likes of BlackBerry Classic and Z30 models.

The Senate has decided and there is definitely no turning back. With Android and iOS the preferred choice, it seems true that these two have indeed matured over time. BlackBerry was once the premium OS, but it has now turned to Android as it looks to survive the tough and highly competitive mobile world. The release of the BlackBerry Priv was met with mixed reactions. However, given the fact that BB is looking into plans of coming in with more Android-based devices this year, it seems the company realized a huge potential with the initial release of the Priv.

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