Uber Gives a Facelift to its App by Adding Three New Key Features

Uber Where to

Uber has been working on rebuilding its mobile app and has overhauled it now by making it much cleaner and easier for the users to use when compared to its previous versions.

Uber said that this update was very much necessary as the app had become very complicated and was hard to navigate since its last fix in 2012. The app has been remade from the scratch which has made it faster and smarter. The app is capable of learning all the routines of a frequent rider and it will pretty soon be able to also utilize the mobile calendar to be used at a single tap.

If you had used the previous version of the Uber app, then you will right away notice a few visual changes and in terms of features also. Three key changes have been made which will arrive with the latest version of the Uber app.

Uber Where to

The “Where to” Destination Input

The Company has said that the biggest difference in between the older version and the newer version of the Uber app is that the revised version now offers to focus on the most important question of a rider “Where are you going?” Though the rider can put in the destination address directly, the frequent users will not have any hassles of experiencing this. The new app is capable of learning all the routines of a frequent rider and will start guessing where the user is heading to, based on the information of the past trips. The user will just have to tap on one of these suggestions and can start the ride.

Uber seems to have bigger plans for this “Where to” feature and is looking forward to the day when it will be capable of using the mobile calendar looking out for any information regarding any appointments the user might have at the time of ordering a car. For example, if the user has an appointment with the doctor, then the app will be able to offer the address to the doctor’s office as a shortcut suggestion, without requiring the user to type in the address. Uber is also working on enabling the trips directly to another person, assuming that they might send the user a message with their location details.

Selecting Cars are Now Easy

Uber Car Service

Uber has been offering different types of services that include UberX, the one which most people are familiar with, and other services like UberBLACK and UberPOOL. The options that are available depend on the location of the user and usually, there is more than one option that is available. Now it is very easy to swipe through the list to see the cost of each option and to choose the one option which is required.

The app shows all the options with the fare estimates and with the arrival time after the destination is chosen. The cars have been split up into two categories namely the “Economy” and “Premium” sections and make it quick to choose the type of the vehicle. If the user is having a tight time schedule, then they can choose the vehicle with the nearest arrival time estimate. If the user is looking to save money on the trip, then they can choose the one which has a low-cost estimate.

Refine the Ride

Another new update to the app is that it presents a few simple and welcomed options when the ride is in progress. For example, the user will now be able to share their status with someone who is waiting for them or the user can also choose to split the fare. Both these features were previously available in the older version of the app also. However, the newly updated app will now enable the users to do more things that are relevant to their destination.


Uber has cited one example wherein it allows viewing of the transit details if the user is trying to hitch a ride to a bus stop or to a train station. The users who are going to a restaurant will be served with a string of Yelp reviews. UberEAT will also be supported in a few areas apart from Foursquare, which will allow seeing what is available near the destination. Uber has also indicated that the exclusive filters for Snapchat are also going to arrive soon for the Uber riders. Uber has also mentioned about listening to Pandora, although there is nothing especially interesting about it.

Uber is all set to roll out these features for its new updated app on both the Android and iOS platforms across the globe. The app is expected to arrive in a few weeks time, so it might be a while before you get to see it yourself.

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