Unannounced Sony PS4 Neo Expected to Stop Players Jumping to PCs

Sony PS4.5 NEO

Some call it a disappointing move while others believe that Sony has always focused on gaming which is what it is all about.

While Microsoft announced their new Scorpio system, Sony refrained from showing their PS4 Neo console.

The console generation is failing at the moment with current gamers that look really outdated and struggling to deliver 1080p output. Both publishers, Microsoft and Sony realized that they just can’t keep going forward with this for another three years or more. They need a minor upgrade if not a brand new console. Rumors with regards to a powerful PS4.5 or Neo emerged long back. The hardware was supposed to be powerful with DVR capability and 4K video output support.

Sony pushed all rumors aside and simply focused on gamers. Their E3 2016 event was very subtle but delivered everything an average player would look for. Talking about the launch, Andrew House from Playstation commented that even though they didn’t unveil a new console as expected, the brand has planned to keep high end gamers on the Playstation 4 console ecosystem. He added that when one wants to experience the best graphics, they obviously jump to high end computers.

Sony PS4 Neo

The new launch which doesn’t have a confirmed release date is expected to change the scenario for good. “In the past, we have seen some demanding hardcore gamers switch to computers at one point or the other when they like to see the best graphical performance. With the announcement of new console, this trend should possibly come to an end,” said House.

Before the E3 2016 event began, Sony confirmed that they have a new PS4 console under development. They didn’t speak anything about a possible hardware but it was an interesting show on the whole. On the other end, Microsoft announced their new console which is going to support DVR and 4K video output with ease.

Sony is carving a path of its own based on which the company will release a Crash Bandicoot title, Crash 2 among other exclusives while Microsoft is bringing Gears of War 4, Forza and many other titles to Windows 10 PCs. Bringing exclusive titles to PC is something we can’t comment at the moment because it could either be a great idea or backfire. There’s even the new Tekken 7 coming to PCs making it a great time to be a PC gamer. Will Sony launch PS4 Neo soon? Let’s hope so!

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