These are the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 specs

Huawei Mate 10

Given that the Huawei Mate 9 was announced in November 2016 and released the following month, it’s quite early to start talking about the Huawei Mate 10, the expected successor to the 2016 model.

However, the smartphone industry is never short of leaks and so far, we have details of what will be the specs of the Huawei Mate 10, a phone that should be released a few months from now. As you know, the Mate family is a high-end offering from Huawei that is slightly above the P series and with this year’s model, the Chinese OEM is obviously after the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 phablets.

Given that the Mate 9 has some very interesting specs, we don’t expect anything different when the Huawei Mate 10 comes out. And from the leaked specs, this is indeed the case.

Apparently, the phone will debut with a full-screen display panel with no bezels, something that is set to become a mainstay in the high-end family of phones. Xiaomi lit the way with the Mi MIX back in 2016 and since then, we have been seeing more OEMs shedding off bezels on their phones. Huawei is obviously not staying behind, according to the company’s chief of consumer division, Richard Yu.

Yu further notes that the Huawei Mate 10 will come with better photographing capabilities compared to its predecessor, which had a powerful dual-lens 20MP+12MP camera on the back and an 8MP shooter on the front. From the recent leaks, the company is rumored to be working on adding a dual-lens setup on the selfie camera as well, but the specific details of the lenses are still unknown.

Battery life is another aspect that the Huawei Mate 10 will address, which means the chances of a bigger battery unit than the 4000mAh unit used on the Mate 9 are high. With the current model based on the Kirin 960, an upgrade to a Kirin 970 has been rumored, a chipset that will be produced using the trending 10nm process, just like the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895.

Similar to the 2016 models, the Huawei Mate 10 will debut with the latest version of Android OS available, which is the incoming Android 8.0. Given that the company recently filed a trademark for 4D Touch, don’t be surprised if this phone is the first to showcase this technology once it makes its debut in about two to three months from now.


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