Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update to Bring Game Streaming to PC and Mac

PlayStation 4

The upcoming PlayStation 4 update will bring some much-needed features to lovers of this Sony gaming console – an update that will bring it closer to better competing terms with Xbox One from Microsoft.

In the new firmware update, PlayStation 4 will now come with additional Remote Play capabilities with respect to Windows PC and Mac users. Before this announcement, the gaming console’s Remote Play has only been available to those using the handheld PS Vita. However, the new update, which will push the firmware version to 3.50, will now avail this ability to those enjoying the game from their home or even work PCs.

At the moment, there is no word of how exactly this streaming service is expected to take place. Nonetheless, it is a move that PS Vita and its kind of more-limited control scheme will relish.

More updates from firmware update 3.50

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 firmware update will also bring along quite a number of other additions. As reported, lovers of this gaming console will now be able to enjoy a great set of social and party features once they upgrade. For those familiar with Microsoft’s gaming consoles from the days of Xbox 360, this is exactly what Sony is now working to bring to PS4.

PlayStation 4 Remote Play

Further, those who own a PlayStation 4 console will be able to play around with their privacy settings and in so doing, they will easily be able to hide their online status even when they are busy using the console.

As far as party features are concerned, the new PlayStation 4 update will now be able to let people know which games other members of the party are playing. In addition, Sony has also enabled a feature where other players will be able to tell whenever a “favorite” friend shows up online, which will for sure ease the process of interacting with friends.

Sony PlayStation 4 firmware 3.50 release date

At the moment, the Japanese company has not said a word on when this new PlayStation 4 firmware will be rolled out. However, the latest reports coming from the a PlayStation blog post can confirm that there is already a beta test in plan and it is set to rollout beginning today, March 2. There is no rush to get the beta version since this test software does not come along with the highly touted Remote Play feature. This feature will, however, come along with the new update.

Usually, Sony doesn’t take long intervals between announcing an update to PlayStation 4 and actually releasing the same update. If this remains to be the case, it is possible to see these new features appear on the gaming console even before the end of this month.


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