Updated Telegram Version 3.16 for Android Allows Deleting Shared Messages, Sending GIFs, and More

Telegram Version 3.16

The Telegram app has received a new update in 2017. The latest version of the app is v.3.16.

The new updates will allow deleting the recently shared messages, give data consumption information, new t.me links, along with other improvements to Telegram’s Android app.

Telegram Version 3.16

Unsend Shared Messages

With the latest update, the app will now allow the users to unsend the messages that have been sent recently. The app can now save the users from some accidental embarrassments by letting them delete the wrong messages which they have sent in the last 48 hours. This will not be a one-time feature, but it is something which is here to stay.

Telegram Unsend Messages

Network Usage Section

It is good news for people who travel a lot and use a lot of mobile network. With the latest update comes a new Network Usage section, which displays how much internet data has been consumed exactly. The users can check this from the Data and Storage section in the Settings. Apart from checking this information, the users can also turn on the settings to enable automatic download of media files. The Network Usage section is available to both Android and iOS users.

Telegram Network Usage Section

Telegram Data and Storage

T.me Short Links

Well, with the New Year ringing in and with new hopes swooning around, it still does feel a little too much to offer phone numbers to new friends. This is when the short Telegram.me links are of huge help. The latest update has however shortened the ‘Telegram.me’ links as ‘t.me’ links, which has to be followed by the username. These links can be used to use Telegram for public groups, for example like ‘t.me/snowballfight’ or to add stickers with links like ‘t.me/addstickers/NickSantini’.

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Other Android Updates

Since telegram is used majorly (almost 85%) by Android-based users, it becomes mandatory to keep introducing new features from time-to-time to the Android OS. So the latest update has brought in a couple of new features to the Telegram app on the Android platform. The foremost important feature is that all the messages that have been sent from the same sender will be grouped and organized together. With the floating date feature, it is now much easier to navigate through the messages since the date of the chats will show up as the user is scrolling up through these neatly arranged messages. When the user switches back to a chat, the original streaming position will be restored. This comes in very handily to people who have to scroll through an opera of hundreds of messages in a chat and read them patiently, and of course, prefer the messages to be in the correct order.

Telegram list of all files

A list of all the files that have been recently downloaded will be now displayed on the screen when a file is being shared.

Telegram Messages

The users who have installed Android 7.1 on their devices can now reply quickly to chats with the new fast action menu. With the new Gboard integration, users can now directly send GIFs from their Google keyboard. New emojis which include the clown, the cowboy, and the sick face have been added.

Telegram New Emojis

The updated Telegram version 3.16 is available for download at the Google Play Store or can be side-loaded from APK Mirror site too.


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