Now You Can Use Your Skype for Web without Having To Sign Into Your Account

Use Skype for Web without Sign

Many of us have been in a situation wherein we need to talk to someone very urgently but end up getting into a perplexity of signing into accounts and finally end up feeling frustrated over the requirement of a very simple communication.

There are millions of people around the world who visit the most popular communication service to start a quick conversation with a friend, colleague, or any loved one. But most of the times technology has its way especially at times when the time is being close-fisted. Well, it looks like Microsoft has finally worked on a solution for this problem as the company’s communication service Skype for Web can now be accessed without having the need to sign into the account every time before a conversation is started.Skype for Web

How to Start a Conversation without Signing In

The company had mentioned in its official blog post that to avail this service, the users will have to open and then enter their name. After providing with this input, the users will be provided with an exclusive conversation link. This unique link can be then shared to start conversations. The users will be allowed to share this chat link with other individuals and also with other groups, which depends on their requirement. The contacts who will receive this link will also be able to participate in the conversation without the need to sign in, provided they are also using the Skype for Web version.

Skype for Guest Users

Interestingly, Microsoft will also allow the guest users to access many of Skype’s features that will be available for those who will start the conversations without signing in. The users can also have a quick chat, voice or video call without any hassle, by using Skype as a Guest. These features will include instant messaging in a group and also to one-to-one individuals, voice calls and video calls, screen sharing, apart from sharing of files. Even without having to sign in, the users will be allowed to invite up to 300 people for chat conversations and up to 25 people for voice or video calls. And all this comes for free.

It is important to note that when this service is being used by a guest user, all these conversations will last only for 24 hours. If the user wishes to return back to the conversation or make a call to any mobile or landline across the globe or even translate a conversation in real-time using the Skype Translator, then they will have to sign-up on a Skype account for free. To start a guest conversation, the users will need to initiate it by using a web browser for the Skype for Web version. However, the other participants will be able to join in the conversation as a guest or as a Skype client, provided they are also using the Skype for Web version.

Use Skype for Web without Sign

The company says that is excited about how they have worked on making it easier than ever before for the users to connect with anyone on Skype, even without the need to register or even download the app. It is the perfect solution if the user is new to Skype and wishes to have a quick chat with someone, anywhere in the world, for free. Since the users will not even need to have an account or sign in to start a conversation on Skype anymore, the popular communication service from Microsoft will probably lure more people towards itself with this substantial feature.

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