Verizon Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kill Switch Coming on January 5


After T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint went public with details of when they will be switching off the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Verizon Wireless was still defiant about the same, arguing that it was unfair to simply switch off a phone without caring how this affects the owners.

Many saw Verizon Wireless as a true and compassionate carrier that has its customers at heart, but as it was expected, the carrier has finally given its final verdict on the Galaxy Note 7 kill switch matter.

According to the latest updates, the giant American carrier will be joining other carriers in rolling out a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update that will render the device useless. Samsung confirmed that it will be rolling out an update, via carriers, that will stop the Note 7 from charging. The same update was also meant to switch off any radios as well as cellular connectivity, meaning that the phone will have no use at all.

The main reason behind this move was to force those who are still in possession of the phone to take it back as instructed by the South Korean tech giant. Taking the phone back will earn you a full cash refund or an opportunity to grab yourself another Samsung Galaxy phone. Apparently, about 7% of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units sold in the U.S. have not been returned and with this last ditch move, Samsung was confident that it will be successful with its plans to completely take the phone off the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The efforts of the Korean company had been dealt a blow when Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the U.S., had declared that it will not be rolling out the update to Galaxy Note 7 units still out there. However, the carrier has finally agreed to the terms of Samsung and subsequently announced that it will be joining the likes of Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile in switching off the Note 7 starting January 5, 2017.

T-Mobile will go first with the update starting December 27th and later on Verizon will join AT&T on January 5th while Sprint will do the same three days later starting January 8th. So, make sure you have returned your faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before this dates to avoid being caught in the mix.

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