Momonga Pinball Adventures Offers a Twist to the Standard Pinball Genre

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Developed by Paladin Studios, Momonga Pinball Adventures is all set to be available for PlayStation 4 lovers just before Christmas.

A typical family game, this pinball game is bound to be a hit among all age groups as gamers find themselves bouncing through various worlds. Momonga adventures are centered on Momo, a flying squirrel and his friends Fry and Panda who embark on a mission to rescue the squirrel’s clan from a group of evil owls who have disappeared after taking the Momonga tribe with them. These owls have converted the Momonga village to a pile of ashes.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

The twist adopted in the game lies in the mode adopted to help the flying squirrel work and work his way through various levels. Instead of relying on standard and regular cabinets to achieve this task of transporting Momo, the game introduces the concept of bouncing. The squirrel is endowed with the capability of bouncing his way through each level. This minimizes the need for too much of flying and tiring the squirrel. For action lovers, there will be enough stuff to keep them glued to Momonga Pinball Adventures. The epic adventure includes encounters with opponents and defeating them, a lot of exploration and conquering boss fights to mention just a few. However, all these activities take place with flippers.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the game’s background, only the young Momo squirrel narrowly escaped the attack made by the owls. Severely injured, he was assumed to be dead and not taken into captivity by the owls. As a result of the wound, Momo has a deep scar that runs through his whole body right from the uppermost portion of his head to the very end of his tail. Following the massacre, after the evil owls have left for their territory, Panda finds the squirrel abandoned on the village’s outskirts. He takes Momo along with him to his sanctuary and helps him revive. In course of time, both of them become good friends. Eventually Panda joins hands with Mom in his quest for the missing group.

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