Verizon LG G6, LG V30, Moto e4 and Samsung Galaxy J3 Phones Get Software Updates

Verizon has chosen two LG phones including LG V30, a couple of Motorola phones and two variants of the Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphones to send the OTA software updates for February 2019.

While all the six devices updated on February 18 have been provided with the latest Android security patches, some will see some performance enhancements too on the phones they have purchased from Verizon. Here are the details;

Moto E4 Prepaid

This device gets the January security patch update from Android. The last time this phone was chosen for a security update was in November 2018; the current software update is the 10th one. If you have this phone, check if the security update has been downloaded and installed.

Moto E4 Gold

The software update version number may be the same since the Android OS level and previous update levels would be similar to the Moto E4 Prepaid described above. This update contains the security patch released by Android in January 2019. This is just the second update this phone is receiving from Verizon.

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LG V30

The next in the list  is the LG V30, which gets its software update No.10 from the carrier. This device also gets some performance enhancements along with the Android security patch of January 2019.

LG V30


If you are holding this LG phone from Verizon, then your phone is entitled to receive this software update from the carrier. This update contains only the security patch issued by Android.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission

In this 8th update of the software being sent by Verizon, the carrier claims there are some performance improvement aspects apart from the latest Android security patch to ensure the overall security environment on the device is made more secure.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse

Galaxy J3 Eclipse, the last in this lineup of six Verizon issued smartphones, receives its 8th update from Verizon and there is the mention of improvements or enhancements in the performance of the device. The latest January release from Android of the security patch is included as well.

Users of all these devices must be able to get the respective updates over the air automatically. The update page on Verizon’s site will give you all the information you will need, to ensure the updates are duly downloaded and installed on your device.

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