Verizon has plans to block calls made on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units yet to be returned

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In late 2016, Samsung announced that it will be issuing a software update that will effectively brick the remaining units of the Galaxy Note 7.

In order to make this process possible, the South Korean tech giant resolved to strike agreements with carriers from different parts of the globe so that they can facilitate the rolling out of the said software update. While the likes of Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T had no problem with rolling out this update to the remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units out there, Verizon remained defiant, arguing that it was not the best time to brick the phone as many were busy with the holiday season.

Later on, the largest mobile carrier in the U.S. made a U-turn, announcing that it will roll out the update as earlier demanded by Samsung, with the scheduled date being January 5, 2017. When this date arrived, the carrier proceeded with the update, but as it is, there are still thousands out there who are still using the banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flagship.

Now, in order to completely remove the Galaxy Note 7 from the public, Verizon wants to take even more drastic measures, Fortune reveals. Given that the recalled handset is a safety risk to the company’s customers, it has decided that it will soon block all outgoing calls made from the Note 7 via its network. This update will work for all phone numbers, but you can still use your Note 7 to place a 911 call or reach the carrier’s customer service desk via the phone numbers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues

In addition, those still hanging onto their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units face being charged the full retail price for the phone, but for now, the exchange program is still on, including the $100 bill credit. However, this will soon come to an end.

Samsung is expected to release a report containing details of what made the Galaxy Note 7 explode and catch fires this coming week. We’ll let you know when this happens.

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