Verizon Ready to Push Software Update – Disabling and Killing Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Verizon is ready to push the software update for disabling Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been recalled.

Changed its Tune

Verizon had initially refused to do so, but now the wireless service provider is ready to push a new software update for the rest of the Note 7 devices that users have not yet surrendered. The new update will have a crippling effect on the Galaxy Note 7 devices that are still in circulation.


Release of Update

Samsung had announced its decision to release the update for the Galaxy Note 7 devices last week. The update was aimed at ensuring that the seven percent of Note 7 owners would also return their devices. With this new software update, the owners of the Note 7 will not be able to charge their devices, so the phones will not be able to function as mobile devices.

Verizon Release

Though Samsung will release the new update on Monday, 19th of December, Verizon Wireless customers can only receive the update on the 5th of January next year. This has been done so that the owners of the Galaxy Note 7 can contact their families and also to facilitate initial responders as well as emergency medical officials in the holiday season. This was announced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall site of Verizon.

Initial Refusal

Initially, Verizon Wireless had refused to offer the software update for the Note 7. This was because it would bring in additional risk to owners of the phone who were not able to switch to another device.

Recall of Note 7

Samsung had recalled the incendiary Galaxy Note 7 globally in the month of September, due to the infamous explosions of the device caused by battery problems. There was another recall of all the devices in the middle of October as well and after this Samsung had completely and permanently put an end to production of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. As far as the US is concerned, 93% of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been given back to the carriers and to Samsung.

Updates from Other Carriers

As far as other carriers are concerned, AT&T as well as Sprint and T Mobile will also be issuing Samsung’s updates very soon. T Mobile will be offering the update on the 27th of December and AT&T will be releasing it a few days later on the 5th of January. As for Sprint, the wireless provider will be pushing out the new update to the users on the 8th of January.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Burning Samsung’s Reputation

The Galaxy Note 7 has burned Samsung’s reputation and the South Korean manufacturer announced that though 93% of the recalled devices had been returned, there are still thousands of the devices around. This poses the risk of an explosion at any time, so in order to reduce the risk, Samsung has announced the release of this new update for the US. This will render the Galaxy Note 7 devices completely useless. The Verizon wireless subscribers who haven’t returned their Note 7 devices will not be able to use it as a mobile device anymore once the update is released.

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