Verizon rolls out Software Updates for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9, Tab E, Motorola E5 Go and E5 Play

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Verizon

After Google Pixel phones, it’s now software update time for Verizon issued smartphones from Samsung and Motorola and this includes a tablet as well.

The Samsung phones included for software update from Verizon are the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is the tablet included in this list of devices receiving the updates. From Motorola, there are the Moto E5 Go, Moto E5 Play and its Prepaid version.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+

These two S series flagship smartphones released in the first quarter of 2018 are being treated with 14th software update by Verizon. The update pack contains certain system enhancements and the latest Android security update patch. The update issued by Google is dated July 1, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Included in the software update from Verizon for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are system enhancements as well as the July Android security update patch. The Note series phones are released during the later part of the year and this is the 10th software update from Verizon for Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E (8.0 Refresh)

The only tablet included in this list of devices receiving the software updates from Verizon, the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E, gets performance improvement update. Besides that, the Android security update patch dated July 1, 2019 is part of this update as well.

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Motorola Moto E5 Go, E5 Play and E5 Play Prepaid

The only update all these three Motorola phones are getting is the latest Android security updates. While the update for the Moto E5 Go is for the month of July, the other two models are being sent the updates of June 2019.