Verizon Unveils Samsung Galaxy J3 V with Slight Advances Over Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 V

Sprint unveiled Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) back in January and a few months later, Verizon followed suit with its own Galaxy J3 (2016).

This is another of Samsung’s growing number of mid-range devices that was introduced last year. The company has been flooding the market with devices that are very hard to differentiate in terms of size, specs, features as well as price. The story is getting even worse as Verizon has just unveiled another variant of this phone dubbed Samsung Galaxy J3 V.

The V in the name probably stands for Verizon, something that could easily mean that the Galaxy J3 V is exclusive to the giant American carrier. When it introduced the Galaxy J3 (2016), Verizon went for a price tag of just $109.99.

For this price, you will be getting a phone that is packed with a 5-inch 720p Super AMOLED display screen, a Spreadtrum SC8830 SoC that is paired with a RAM of 1.5GB while other variants come with the same configuration except for the Exynos 3475 SoC they come with. Even though both chipsets are quad cores, the former has a speed of 1.4GHz whereas the latter has a speed of 1.3GHz.

When compared to the standard Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), the newly launched Samsung Galaxy J3 V seems to have some slight upgrades and downgrades as well. As far as the former is concerned, you will come across 16GB of onboard storage as opposed to the 8GB you find on the standard J3 (2016) variant on Verizon. In addition, the Galaxy J3 V also comes preinstalled with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as opposed to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop that the initial version comes with. In addition to these differences, the new Samsung Galaxy J3 V also comes with a slightly under-clocked processor that manages a speed of 1.2GHz, but like the rest, it is still a quad core SoC.

Camera-wise, the Galaxy J3 (2016) features a better configuration than what is on offer via the Galaxy J3 V. Where the former comes with an 8MP/5MP setup for the rear/front cameras, the latter has a 5MP/2MP setup for the rear/front cameras.

Samsung Galaxy J3 V

As for the rest of the spec sheet, you will find no differences between the two phones. Things like microSD card support and a 2600mAh removable battery are common on both handsets.

In terms of price, Verizon is offering the Galaxy J3 V for $168. Alternatively, you can buy the phone via the company’s plan that demands $7 per month for a period of two years. It also selling the phone for $39.99, but this deal includes a conventional 24-months service contract.

At the time of this writing, any willing buyer can get a new Samsung Galaxy J3 V via the official Verizon website or wait until June 23 to get the same phone from the carrier’s brick and mortar stores.

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