Verizon’s New Update for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge – Removes Bloatware and Includes a RAM Manager

Verizon’s New Update for Galaxy S6

Another Bump

It has only been a month or so since the Android 6.0 update was available for the S6 and the S6 Edge, which was more than welcome, though belated. Another new update has been sent for Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge smartphones from Verizon, a network operator based in the United States. Both these smartphones can now access the new VRU4CPD2 release. Those who have got the device from Verizon can check the availability of the new software on their devices. They can do this by accessing Settings and then move to Update Device and Software updates. However, many devices will have received a notification regarding the new software. However, the roll out might take a few days time to reach all the S6 and the S6 Edge devices. Though it is a bump, the version remains the same, with some application tweaks and fixing of a few bugs.

New Fixes

The new version from Verizon offers security patches for the month of May and also offers a fix for the issues related to updates and download of Google Play application. Other fixes are related to access of Visual Voice Mail and the removal of the Amazon Music application. This reduces the bloatware on the device. However, users who still wish to keep the app can do so.

Other Changes to the Interface

After downloading the new update, users will find that Google Search is present in the Settings. In addition a new field, namely Send Premium SMS, has now been added to the App manager settings. When users plug a USB cable to the device, they can view the other options for USB, for instance, File Transfer and so on, as a default setting. Users can respond to a video call as an audio call, with the audio being routed to the device earpiece. However, when the user answers the video call as a video call, the audio by default comes from its speaker.

Galaxy S6 Edge

A new setting in the Application manager allows users to view the amount of RAM that is being consumed by the applications on the phone, the amount of free RAM available. They can view these details by accessing Settings, Apps, App manager and then moving to More. This is a very useful addition, as users can hunt down the apps that are using their resources and remove them.

Optimizing Performance

Verizon has tested the software update for the S6 and the S6 Edge and claims that it will optimize the performance of these two Samsung phones, resolving present issues and offer new security patches. It is an OTA update, which means that it is over the air and is the usual monthly update for the month of May. It is specifically meant for the Verizon branded models of the S6 and the S6 Edge. Due to this update, users of these two devices will no longer have to face errors while trying to download the PlayStore application or accessing the Visual Voice Mail.

With this update, Verizon has been able to clean up several irritating bugs and remove the bloatware existing on the devices.

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