Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Now has a Bootloader Unlock

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Whenever a new smartphone comes into the array, savvy users will be quick to ask whether the phone’s bootloader is unlockable.

Well, good luck with your quest to find an unlockable bootloader because usually, most phones come without one. It gets even worse when it comes to carrier-based phones since these companies usually don’t want users to go around messing around with the devices’ ROMs and such stuff.

Despite the fact that most phones come without an unlockable bootloader, the idea of having one has not been a problem when it comes to users of Sprint and T-Mobile. However, AT&T and Verizon have kept things a little tight for tech savvy users who always want to play around with the kernels of phones.

Now, if you have ever dreamt of having an unlocked bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, your dream is finally true. As it seems, Verizon users will not have to go back to school in order to learn how to unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But of course, this is only meant for the tech savvy users who really know what they are getting into.

One reason behind this is the fact that unlocking the Galaxy Note 4’s bootloader will include changing the phone’s CID in addition to having a microSD card to be formatted for the same purpose. Even further, messing around with the ROM and kernels of your device will mean the warranty is void and invalid. If all of these don’t mean a thing to you or rather you are fine with them, you can go ahead and unlock the Note 4’s bootloader. Once this is done, you will be eligible to flash basically all custom ROMs on this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is considered by many as the last real phablet that Samsung came in with, mainly because of its removable battery, water, and dust resistance as well as microSD card support. While some of these features are rumored to be making a comeback on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6, the Note 4 remains to be a great device.

It gets even better as Samsung Galaxy Note 4, currently running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, is currently available for just $250. However, remember that unlocking the bootloader of the Galaxy Note 4 may result in a possible damage, so be very careful.

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