Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ update doesn’t bring Daydream support despite the carrier’s claims

Samsung Galaxy S8

A few weeks ago, T-Mobile rolled out an update to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with claims that Daydream support had now been enabled, however, the Magenta carrier was quick to notice that this wasn’t true and later on updated its changelog.

Now, in a similar case, Verizon Wireless has rolled out an update with claims that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now compatible with Google Daydream, but according to users of the two phones on the Big Red who have also updated their phones to the latest software version, this feature is still not supported as Verizon claims.

Apparently, the Daydream app is still showing that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not compatible, which means it won’t be long before the carrier does a T-Mobile and updates its changelog to reflect that Daydream is not supported just yet. It’s still unclear what’s going on behind the scenes, but the point here is that no Galaxy S8 handset has been enabled for Daydream support.

On the brighter side, the latest Verizon update also carries other new additions. For instance, there’s an updated navigation bar alongside the added ability to send GIFs when making phone calls. The same changes to the nav bar that showed up on T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are what Verizon users will also be getting via this new update. You can now enable new pastel colors as well as a small button on the bar for hiding it as you wish, but if do note that making the change for trial purposes will be a regrettable move since you won’t be able to move back.

As for the GIFs part, you can now send these characters when making phone calls, which is a cute little addition, if you ask me. The updates come with build numbers G950USQU1AQG4 for the Galaxy S8 and G955USQU1AQG4 for the S8+. Once you get this version, your phone’s security patch level should also be updated to July 2017.

The OTA update is already rolling out and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’d be better off trying to trigger it manually via your phone’s Settings.

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