5 reasons to switch from LG G6 to Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6

LG was the first major Android OEM to unveil a flagship phone in 2017, the LG G6. The phone came a few weeks earlier than Samsung Galaxy S8+, which started selling towards the end of April.

With this early release, the company was obviously looking to get the better off its closest rival in the smartphone business and for sure, it was a success, with a bunch of people ending up with the LG G6 one it hit the market. But right after Samsung started selling the Galaxy S8+, many started regretting their choice and early rush to grab the G6.

Now that the Galaxy S8+ price is dropping even further, there are still many LG G6 owners who are pondering a move to the former but are yet to decide. If you are one of them, well, here are 5 reasons to help convince you that the S8+ is way better than the G6, even if the latter has since received massive price cuts that mean you can grab it for as little as $265.50.

Better battery life

No one wants a phone that will force them to start looking for a charger in the middle of the day. Despite the fact that the LG G6 has a decent 3300mAh battery unit, the battery life it offers is mediocre. Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a bigger 3500mAh unit and it’s obvious that Samsung has done a pretty good job in terms of optimizations that means you end up with a much better battery life when compared to the G6.

Snapdragon 835 vs Snapdragon 821

Or perhaps the better battery life on the Galaxy S8+ is as a result of the newer and much better Snapdragon 835 SoC used on the Samsung phone compared to the older Snapdragon 821 that powers the LG G6.

Qualcomm notes that the Snapdragon 835 is better when it comes to performance as well as battery consumption, which should be the obvious reasons the Galaxy S8+ will last you longer than the G6 even when used at the same rate. Given that the SD835 is the successor to the SD821, the performance you get on the S8+ is also way better than what the G6 has to offer.

Faster security updates

No one beats Google when it comes to rolling out monthly security updates, but lately, Samsung has really improved. It only takes a week or so after the Pixel and Nexus phones receive these monthly updates before the same starts hitting Samsung Galaxy S8+ units. As for the LG G6, good luck with that!

Bigger storage space

Android has the beauty of supporting expandable storage, but there’s always that belief that microSD cards make devices slower when compared to using internal storage, despite the improvements that have come in over the past few years.

With this in mind, the Galaxy S8+ offers a better internal storage package of 64GB compared to the 32GB you get on the LG G6, which should be another major reason to make the switch.

Curved display is a real beauty

Although not everyone is a fan of curved screens, once you get to hold the Galaxy S8+ in your hand, you’ll immediately fall in love with this design. The phone is a real beauty when compared to the flat screen LG G6 and despite its 6.2-inch screen size, you won’t notice it when it lands in your hand thanks to the rather compact design of the phone.

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