Video Calling on WhatsApp Launched – A Staged Rollout Reaching the Whole Userbase Worldwide

WhatsApp Launched Video Calling

WhatsApp, a chat service that is now owned by Facebook, is launching its video-calling feature for everyone from today.

The feature will be available to the more than one billion of its users all over the world, for all the operating systems, on the iOS as well as Android and for Windows Phone.

WhatsApp Launched Video Calling

Beta Feature

There were several reports made by users who found this feature in the beta version on WhatsApp for both Android and Windows Phones. The reports were an indication that there would very soon be a public debut of this feature on WhatsApp.

How to Use

If you want to use the new video calling feature of WhatsApp, you have to tap on the call button seen on the upper right corner of your chat conversation. This will offer the option of voice calling or video calling the person with whom you are chatting. In order to start the video call, you have to select the option from the screen.

Differences for iOS and Android

While making the call, it is also possible to switch from the front camera to the rear camera or mute and click on the option of red button for ending the call. The user interface might not be exactly the same in case of Android and the iOS operating systems. There could be differences in the display of the picture in picture of the video feed, the size of the buttons, the placement or the lineup and so on.

Late Entry

Though there are several standard features in WhatsApp, such as group texting and so on, video calling has always been one of the top requests from users of the app. With the addition of this new feature, WhatsApp seems to be catching up with other messenger apps in the competition, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, FaceTime and Viber among others.

Huge User base

WhatsApp is rather late entering the market of video calls, but it does have a huge user base to its advantage. With the addition of the video-calling feature, it makes it easier for users to remain within the app and not rush to other platforms for making calls. Another advantage of WhatsApp is that it offers support for cross platforms in video calls.

Available for All Platforms

WhatsApp announced that the company wants to allow these features for all and not only for those who have an expensive phone or for those who are located in a country having an excellent cellular network. This is probably hinting at FaceTime, as it only works on iOS devices or the Google Duo that also runs on iOS new versions and Android.

WhatsApp Video Calling

Other Arrivals

The video-calling feature is not the only new offer from WhatsApp, as it is also offering a two-factor authentication for beta versions. This is a hint that the next release would be an upgrade focused on security. WhatsApp has a simple interface and with additional features that go beyond basic texting and audio calls, the app can flourish and be more popular with users who wish to communicate in several ways.

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