Volkswagen I.D. is a Truly Futuristic Car Set for 2020

Volkswagen I.D.

When you look at the Volkswagen I.D. concept car, it’s hard to not believe that the future is here.

The company believes it could bring it out by 2020 and with just four years to go, the future of automobile industry is here.

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen is doing every possible action to bring them back to the center stage and showcase the power of the brand. The company’s diesel scandal in Europe and U.S. put them in a really dark spot. However, they are surprisingly doing well by launching some noteworthy models in recent times and focusing on electric cars with autonomous technology for the near future.

The concept electric car named I.D. was first unveiled in grand style at the 2016 Paris auto show. The engineers also elaborated on its autonomous driving capability. Powered by an electric motor, the car should be able to generate about 168 horsepower and should have a mile range up to 373 miles. The numbers are speculative as they also confirmed that it could start at 249 miles and go up to 373 miles.

I.D. is scheduled to launch alongside a newest version of the Golf in 2020. Volkswagen announced a couple of months ago that they are going to strongly focus on making affordable, electric cars and this will be the first ever launch in their lineup. They have multiple other models slated for launch including another hatchback, sedan and SUV. It is mandatory to have an EV in all segments to compete against Nissan, Chevrolet and the all-powerful Tesla cars.

Apart from making some of the best cars, Tesla was early to adopt the technology which other automobile manufacturers are catching up. Volkswagen’s new I.D. is being built on top of the MED toolkit. It not only accommodates hatchbacks and sedans but can also be used to construct larger cars like the BUDD-e concept van.

Volkswagen I.D. Car

After the initial launch, the I.D. car will be upgraded with a fully autonomous driving system, confirmed Volkswagen. The mode however will take another five years as it is scheduled to be launched in 2025. With the self-driving technology, the car will not only help passengers reach places but can also be used to receive packages from specific locations, drop people and be back home among other nifty features.

Volkswagen is keen on reinventing the future and if they do so, it will be a new benchmark for all other automobile manufacturers to follow and implement in their own models.

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