Volkswagen Wants to Create an Endless Communication between Vehicles and Humans

Volkswagen Endless Communication

Volkswagen during CES 2017 announced that they are aiming to make autonomous vehicles common and in order to do so, a seamless communication process is necessary which is what they are working on.

“We are always working towards achieving the best of this slogan, creating an endless communication between vehicle and human. People love connectivity and everyone in modern day is used to staying connected. While they use digital devices, a mechanical device like a car should be able to do the same. Autonomous cars that seamlessly allow a person to give it commands and also works on its own is a dream of ours,” said Christian Senger.


Concept Car ID is an important project at the moment in the house of Volkswagen. The big plan is to make autonomous possible by 2025. Some of the concepts, ideas and technologies that will be used to make this a possibility were revealed during the CES 2017 event.

A wide range of customizable components will be integrated into the infotainment system. Some of the features Volkswagen plans to make traveling more fun for their buyers include Heads up Display with augmented reality, eye-tracking technology to keep watch on the children onboard, 3D digital cockpit and so many sensors to allow the car to become aware of its surroundings.

Volkswagen Vehicles and Humans Communication

The upcoming Volkswagen autonomous vehicle will be built on the MEB platform, the Modular Electric Drive Kit designed specifically for the ID concept models. The AR HUD is expected to make a whole lot of difference in the car as it will allow the vehicle to identify and display those information on the glass for the driver to take notice of. It not only helps a lot in self-driving mode but will make it easier for anyone to handle the car when in manual mode.

“Allowing the user to experience the best ergonomics, easy functionality and ease of access to different features of the car is our ultimate aim. We are going to implement in different models from now and it will lead up to the fully autonomous vehicles that defines the future, probably in 2025,” Frank Welsh. According to a report by Naver, the cars are purely concept materials that are yet to reach a final production stage.

Volkswagen Endless Communication

Volkswagen released a couple of concept images to show what they mean by endless communication and how passengers will be able to interact with the vehicles of the future. Every major car manufacturer like Ford, Audi, BMW and many others are keen on electrifying their cars this decade to make them autonomous in the next few years.

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