Xiaomi Android Nougat Release Date News and Updates – Is Your Phone Supported?

Xiaomi Android Nougat Update

Chinese OEM Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone sellers in Asia and other parts of the developing world.

The company’s phones, like many other Chinese OEMs, excel on the value for money aspect, packing a great deal of hardware specs and features but priced affordably, sometimes more than half what other major names value their devices with the same specs. Despite excelling in the smartphone industry, Xiaomi is not the best when it comes to rolling out software updates to its devices.

The latest major software update is Android Nougat and apparently, major OEMs are in a rush to roll out the update to its devices. As it appears, Xiaomi is also in the race as it looks to update all of its eligible handsets with the latest OS. This is not the same weekly update that Xiaomi rolls out to its MIUI skin, but this has everything to do with Google’s software update.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Mini

The Xiaomi Mi series has the company’s flagship devices that include the Mi 5, Mi 5S, Mi Note 2 and the recent Mi MIX as well as the Mi MAX, although the latter is a midrange phablet. All of these phones will receive Android Nougat during this Q1 2017 period, with the flagship Mi 5 already receiving the beta treat. The update will bring along the latest MIUI 9, but the company is currently using MIUI 8.0 for Nougat beta tests. Older phones such as the Xiaomi Mi 4S and Mi 4C have also been confirmed for the Nougat update.

The midrange Xiaomi Redmi series also has a number of phones that will be making it to the new Android Nougat OS. These include the Redmi Note 4 as well as the Redmi Note 3 that recently appeared in benchmarks based on the Nougat OS, but it has not been confirmed just yet. The Redmi Note 2 may not be part of this update.

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