VR-Based Google Chrome for Android in Development – Here’s what you should know

VR-based Google Chrome for Android

The Google I/O 2016 event gave Google a chance to speak about its ambitious VR plans for the near and distant future. To help achieve these plans, the search engine giant is working on a VR-based Google Chrome web browser that will be used on Android devices.

According to a report put forward by Road to VR, the latest version of Google Chrome beta for Android comes with a bunch of notable additions that will enable easy movement around the web in VR. This ability has also been added to the Chrome Dev for Android.

As of now, Chrome beta for Android is packed with WebVR abilities that enable the user to enjoy a more engaging experience whenever they visit a website that is meant for VR content or purposes for that matter. As for the Chrome Dev, it comes in with a VR shell that will make it possible for owners of Daydream phones and Cardboard to easily browse the web with a VR headset. Even though the shell is already there, the report further adds that it is not fully functional. However, this shouldn’t take long before it starts working out, at least in stable beta versions.

The addition of a Google Chrome version that supports VR content means that those using VR headsets will no longer require removing the headsets when they come across a website that doesn’t support VR content. With the VR shell, these non-VR sites will easily be accommodated to the platform, allowing a seamless experience across the web.

VR-based Google Chrome for Android

VR-focused Google Chrome to compete with Samsung’s Gear VR website

The news of Google working on a new VR-based version of Chrome browser for Android comes at a time when Samsung has also announced that it will be coming in with a VR-focused website for sharing VR content with different users. This is in relation to the company’s Gear VR, which only works with a handful of handsets from the same manufacturer.

With the new Google Chrome, those using the Cardboard as well as the upcoming Daydream will be able to enjoy as full VR experience regardless of the website they are viewing. It gets even better as Google has also promised a dedicated VR section in the Play Store, a section that will help with the easy finding of VR apps and content for your compatible Android devices.

Apparently, those who want to enjoy VR on their desktops are also in consideration, with the company reportedly working on a Google Chrome version that will be compatible with the likes of HTC Vive VR and Oculus Rift VR.

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