Google Maps Updated with Multi-Stop Directions – There’s more

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most used apps on both Android and iOS platforms. The mapping application is now being updated with one of the most-awaited features – multi-stop directions.

This news comes in time for the upcoming summer, a season that is filled with lots of travelling and outdoor events. Travelers and tourists will now be sure to hit as many tourist traps as they wish when on one of their treks. This latest version of Google Maps will also bring along a feature that is already available on the web platform, where users can easily rearrange the order of their stops.

iOS users will be disappointed in the fact that Google will be updating the Maps app on its own Android OS first before moving over to its competitor’s platform. Even though the specific date of the updated Google Maps showing up on iOS is still unknown, it should be in the near future.

Just recently, we reported that Google Maps and its counterpart Google Earth have been updated with new, sharper satellite imagery that is based on Landsat 8 satellite. Now that the app has also received the multi-stop directions feature, it is only but signaling what an interesting summer Google may be lining up for the tech world.

Google Maps

The new Google Maps also adds a Timeline feature that will let users keep track of everything. There are times when you can’t recall some of the best moments you’ve had in the past few weeks. Well, this is where the Timeline feature comes in. It even allows users to add notes to the activities on their Timelines, but just like the multi-directions feature, only Android users can access this Timeline feature on their Google Maps app.

In other separate news, Google has finally announced the name of its upcoming mobile OS. Initially known as Android N, the “N” will now be replaced by Nougat. The stable version of the OS is expected to be out this summer, with Google expected to follow the release with the announcement of its 2016 Nexus phones, which HTC is believed to be making.

Until then, keep following us and we’ll update you on the latest happenings.

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