Warning: Robbers are Using Pokémon Go to Lure Victims

Pokemon Go

In case you haven’t heard, Pokémon Go has recently made it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store following weeks of testing.

The location-based augmented reality-powered game has already made it to the top of charts of these respective platforms, yet it has just been around for a few days. The game has seen many people (especially children) walk around parks, malls and other areas in search of Pokémon to capture them. However, it seems this search for Pokémon is turning out to be a bait that robbers are using to lure gamers.

In Pokémon Go, players are to search for Pokémon and Poke Stops where to pick up a few things. This involves the actual movement of players, something that is not being taken well by gamers in Missouri. Apparently, robbers used the game to lure victims to Poke Stops where they could easily rob them off their stuff.

Pokemon Go

If you are still wondering, Poke Stops are basically locations where gamers are supposed to pick up some items. The game comes with a Lure Module that allows gamers to place beacons at Poke Stops in order to lure more gamers to the location. This what happened, making it easier for the robbery victims to take themselves to the scene of the crime. The good side of the story is that the police eventually caught up with the robbers, but they insist that gamers should not be quick to give out clues as to where they are headed.

Interestingly, this is just one of the events that have been unfolding since the recent launch of Pokémon Go. In a separate case, a young woman deeply buried into Pokémon search came across a dead body by the riverside. Given that Pokémon can be located anywhere, authorities have warned against entering police stations in search of Pokémon and Poke Stops.

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