Battlefield 1 Graphics Comparison Video: PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs PC

PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs PC

The most wanted graphics comparison video of Battlefield 1 is now out.

As soon as the game was announced, it created so much hype with its amazing intro video.

The teaser video showcased at E3 2016 was just the tip of the iceberg. When Electronic Arts in association with DICE organized a grand multiplayer event, we had the chance to know a lot about the game and how good the World War I shooter would look. The title is currently in its alpha phase and it led to a lot of leaked information. Now, we know plenty about the single player campaign, the weapons, gadgets and the different multiplayer modes.

A new video has been posted online by Digitalfoundry. The brand is known for their graphic comparison videos. They have managed to acquire footage of in-game videos from Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. While plenty of gameplay videos are available on PCs, the consoles weren’t so prevalent. These people managed to get the exact same in-game videos so that we could compare them side by side to come to a conclusion.

Graphics Comparison

As with all comparison videos, the graphics on Battlefield 1 is obviously the highest on a Windows computer. It is because of the latest Nvidia and AMD graphic cards available in the market. However, the video gives a good idea of how current generation consoles can run the game. DICE us known for making titles that look amazing even for the next two years or so. From their history, it won’t be surprising if the game looks cool even when the next gen Xbox Scorpio is launched.

There are some minor differences but on the whole, Digitalfoundry concluded that the PS4 and the Xbox One graphics on Battlefield 1 is largely the same. The settings vary somewhere between medium and high with rare occasions set at the ultra-resolution. PCs on the other hand can touch ultra with a powerful configuration. The developers have provided multiple settings making it easy for PC gamers to adjust and enjoy amazing frame rates at variable graphical settings.

Console owners cannot enjoy such control which leaves the developers to tweak it before they ship the game. The frame rate is decent but the resolution is still on the lower side on both the consoles. Microsoft and Sony has accepted the fact which has already paved way for a new generation of consoles next year.

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