Warning: Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 Fake News Top of Google Search Results

Samsung Galaxy S8

The issue of spreading fake news is not just Facebook’s to deal with, rather, it appears that Google is also in the same boat.

A quick search for Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone 8 prices in Google Search will yield some really interesting details regarding these two phones. You will be able to tell the price of the phones alongside their specs as well as expected release dates, however, none of these two phones has been made official by their respective manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones and it makes sense when Google lists the details of the phone in its search results. However, the fact that the search engine giant lists results that include very specific information for a device that has not yet been released or even confirmed by the maker at the top of the rest is disturbing. This shows how the issue of spreading fake news goes beyond social media giant Facebook – a platform that has been accused of leading the way when it comes to spreading rumors and fake news.

Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 fake news

Of course, it is not easy to get keep fake news from Google search results, however, it would be a welcome idea if at least these fake news didn’t feature prominently at the top of the search results ahead of the quality ones. Both Facebook and Google are making moves to try and curb the spread of fake news, but the latest incident is clear enough to show that the search engine giant is doing close to nothing in taking care of this issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced next year, probably around the same time as this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7. While a lot has been said about the specs and features of this phone, Samsung has not yet confirmed anything so far. As for the 2017 Apple iPhone, the name of the phone is not even known, but the search results at Google have baptized the phone iPhone 8. If Apple is to stick with its naming trend from the recent past, we expect to see an iPhone 7S released towards the end of next year, just like this year’s iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 fake news

With the fake Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 news appearing on top search engine results, it is easy for many readers to get fooled. Be warned that none of these devices is out and in fact, nothing is known about what they will bring to the table. All that is going on about the two is based on rumors, leaks, and speculations.

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