Samsung Galaxy S8 Set to Beat 2017 Apple iPhone to this Huge Feature

Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple has huge plans to for the upcoming 2017 iPhone, presumably the iPhone 7S, but it seems Samsung Galaxy S8 is ready to beat Cupertino to one big feature.

According to the latest reports, Samsung is looking at a new design for the Galaxy S8 – a design that will debut an all-screen front panel, Bloomberg can confirm. Even though Samsung has nothing to do with this report, it is claimed that the persons behind it are very close to the South Korean tech giant.

Unlike with the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 where the phone comes with a display screen that is enclosed with bezels all round, the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 has other ideas. The entire front panel of the handset could debut an all-glass front, which means that users might end up with a much larger display size on a device that has the same physical dimensions as the current flagship.

The idea of having an all-screen front panel also means that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be dropping the traditional physical home button and instead, it will come embedded in the screen, just like many other Android OEMs already do. But rather than keep the bezels like its Android competitors, Samsung will get rid of it in a move that is seen as a direct response to the Xiaomi Mi MIX that was released a few weeks ago.

Most rumors surrounding the launch of the 2017 Apple iPhone have also talked of the same design change where Apple is expected to drop the physical home button in favor of an on-screen version. This change will be catapulted by another major change where the supposed iPhone 7S will have the display covering the entire front panel. If the story from Bloomberg is to be believed, it means Samsung Galaxy S8 will get this feature ahead of the 2017 iPhone as traditionally, the S8 has always been launched months before the iPhone is announced somewhere in September.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A change in design or perhaps enhanced performance and new features is just about what Samsung Galaxy S8 needs in order to overcome the burden placed on it by the Note 7 debacle. Whether this report will materialize or not is still hard to tell, but given that Xiaomi has already taken this direction, we can expect to see more of the same designs coming in as from next year, unless Huawei is ready to launch its rumored Honor Magic, a concept phone that also takes aim at the almost bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX.

Samsung Galaxy S8 should be out next spring, but as for now, take these reports with a grain of salt, especially since the Korean company has not confirmed anything just yet.

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