Warning: WhatsApp Gold is a Scam


There is only one legitimate version of WhatsApp and that’s what you are already using. However, cyber crime is part of this hi-tech world. The crime affects various platforms on the internet social media inclusive.

WhatsApp is one of the prime targets for scammers .The popular messaging service has over a billion users which means it’s a honey-trap for cyber criminals – coning only a small percentage would yield a lot of money. This time round a new scam is around tricking people into downloading an elite version of the popular messaging app.

The fraudsters send phony messages to users luring them to download the limited edition of the messaging app from their website by clicking on an invitation link-www.goldenversion.com. A click on the link takes you to the website that is peppered with malicious software that affects your devices with viruses. The scam which has existed in various forms has seen a wave of messages sent to WhatsApp users. Android users have been hit most, however, the exact number of victims is yet to be determined.

The message further claims the exclusive version was previously preserved for top celebrities but is now available to all users, though, can only be downloaded through an invitation. If you got excited over enjoying the so called ‘limited edition version’ enticing features and had already downloaded the app then  you will have to reconsider your decision because all these have turned out to be nonsense. Furthermore, WhatsApp has come out to clear the air. Consequently, all users are warned to keep off such invitations.

Sham ‘WhatsApp Gold’ a too good deal

The version claims to offer brand features that were only accessed by big celebrities. The extra features include the ability to send tens of images at ago, delete those messages you send but you would like to withdraw, new emojis, enhanced security features, more customization of options, free calling and video calling among many advanced features. And of course, the WhatsApp icon will turn gold after the update.


Certainly, all this is bogus. Clicking on the link embedded in the message is an ill way to trick you into installing a malware in your device. Suppose you fall a victim, it could mean the criminals can possibly steal your data or access your personal details or even track your activity.

How to deal with WhatsApp Gold scam

The best way to escape the fraudsters in this scenario is to keep off, that is, upon reception of such a message, delete it immediately. Then go to either Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download a genuine version of the app to your smartphone, that is, if you don’t have it yet.

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