Warning: WhatsApp Video Calling Invitation Sham 

WhatsApp Video Calling

The long-awaited WhatsApp video calling finally arrived on iOS, Android and Windows.

The feature has been rollout out for everyone and is automatically available for these clients, no invitation is required to get the function. However, it seems scammers are tricking users into installing malicious programs on their mobile devices.

The Facebook-owned app has the highest number of downloads which means the chat app runs on many smartphones than any other service of its kind. With such a huge number, scammers have found a lucrative opportunity to capture victims. The criminals seek to entice uninformed users who are desperate to land the new function to download malware.

The scammers are sending invitation messages with phony links to download the recently released WhatsApp video calling function. They further tell users that the feature is only accessible through invites only. Similar links are also inviting people to download WhatsApp group-calling a feature that has not been officially launched by the messaging bigwig. Upon clicking on the link, you will be asked to send invites to more friends so that they can also have the feature activated on their apps.

Users are thus warned to pay no attention to such invitations and never click on the links. If you open the links you might end up installing malware on your phone. With that done the scammers can easily get right of entry to your personal data like contacts, mails, and documents among other private details.

Remember last year when voice calling was launched the company announced an invite system. However, this time around users are allowed to simply download the update for their respective versions to access the video calling feature and no invitation link is required whatsoever. The hackers are using this reason to their advantage, they are sure a good number of users will fall in the trap having learned that WhatsApp sends invitation links to its new functionalities.

The criminals have made things looks so complicated and confusing. The link leads to a deceptive website looking exactly as the WhatsApp official website. Never allow yourself to be fooled, the site is false and it loads malware on users’ phones. Follow the following procedure to get the video call enabled on your app.

WhatsApp Launched Video Calling

How to access WhatsApp video calling

Getting the feature is pretty simple, just update the application. Depending on which device you are using go to Google Play store, Windows Store or App Store, run a search for WhatsApp then hit update to start downloading the update then proceed to install. Immediately, the app completes updating the feature will appear on the application.

Instead of directly starting a voice call when you hit the call button, users will be now asked to choose between making a video call and voice call.

WhatsApp users have become a regular target for cyber-criminals.  Sometimes back there was ‘WhatsApp Gold’ scam that claimed to provide users with an elite version of the app that is only used by celebrities. Now you know, be warned of invitation links!

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