WeChat vs. Telegram – Still in the Shadows

WeChat and Telegram

Clones of WhatsApp

Both WeChat and Telegram appear to be clones of the highly popular WhatsApp. WeChat is very popular in China and Telegram offers good privacy features. WeChat offers much more than WhatsApp, such as games, taxi ride and advertising, but it has only managed to succeed in the home market.

However, WeChat does have an advantage over Telegram, as China has more than one fifth of the world’s population. The number of Internet users living inChina is more than those in the United States and the app is also entering in other markets, such as India and South America.

Why is Telegram Different?

Telegram is a little different, as it offers a two way option for users. They have to accept a friend prior to communication. The app has a simple interface and is small and light. It offers unique features of self-destructing messages, a reply function and also a website dedicated to the application.

Where WeChat Scores

WeChat is not connected to the user’s phone number, so it is possible to use the app on other devices, such as tabs and does not require a SIM card. Secondly, WeChat has an excellent rating seen in Google Play, which goes to show that the quality is better and users are more satisfied. The application also offers video chatting on a two way basis and users can have a one to one conversation using the video feature.

WeChat vs. Telegram

There is no need to log out, as you can remain invisible and appear offline. Notifications can also be made to snooze for a specific time period. The app offers video chatting, so it is useful for family gatherings or meetings. Users can also send music files with contacts.

Where Telegram Scores

The two-way method of opting in means that users can either add or they can accept a contact prior to messaging. This prevents a stranger from sending you an unwanted message. The iOS application size is also smaller at 9.4 MB, compared to the 34.5 MB of WeChat.Even the Android application is smaller at 9 MB compared to the 25 MB of WeChat. This means that Telegram will take up less space on an Apple phone, leaving more space that can be used by other applications. Telegram also offers end-to-end encryption features, offering greater security and protecting the data sent or received. This means that only the person intended to receive the communication will be able to access the encrypted data or information.

In addition, users can send a document and also images that are programmed for self-destruction after a short time. The image disappears after a few seconds of viewing by the receiver. You can also send temporary text that can self-destruct, so it does not get saved on the receiver’s phone.

In the Shadows

Both WeChat and Telegram were supposed to replace WhatsApp, but have not succeeded. They can only emerge from the shadows if they offer something different, without merely being clones of a popular application.

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